Review of TheGigRig Generator

January 1, 2017


So I got one of these the other week after reading some reviews. I wasn’t disappointed. This thing is great. It can handle 5,000mA of power!


After using a Diago PowerStation for 3 years, I am stoked for the switch. The Diago was great, but because it was daisy chained, if you had dirty power it sucked because all the pedals would be sharing a common ground and the noise would be evident.


How this power system works is that you can use it as a standard 9v daisy chain, but the real magic happens when you use the ‘DISTRIBUTOR’ and ‘ISOLATOR’ boxes. These boxes are the size of a matchbox and do just as their name suggests. The distributor distributes and provides nice clean power for your pedals, while the isolator provides isolated power. You can link together as many isolators and distributors as you like.


For example, I have a Hot Cake on my board which is quite a noisy pedal at times. So I use the isolator to give it the cleanest source of power possible.

I also have an Eventide Timefactor which requires a high draw of mA power. So I bought an adapter called an 'EvenFlo" which you can use with it.


The Gig Rig also does adapters such as the ‘Timelord’ which powers the Strymon pedals, the ‘El Paso’ which powers 15v pedals. The ‘Doubler’ which powers 18v pedals, and the ‘ElectroMan’ which powers 24v pedals such as the Electro Harmonix Memory Man.


The other great thing about this power supply when you’re using the distributor/isolator boxes is that you can create your power cables to your own custom lengths. This keeps your board super organised and tidy.

My verdict is that you should GET ONE!

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